These are my two favorite templates that I have been using over the years to plan my journey towards early retirement and to keep track on my dividend portfolio.

If you would like to use them as well, then just copy them to your own Google Drive or download them into Excel.

Dividend investment calculator with dividend reinvestment

This is a investment calculator with dividend reinvestment which allows you to calculate the time it takes to become financially independent using a dividend growth and reinvestment strategy.

It includes:

  • the impact of dividend withholding tax
  • yearly dividend growth as a variable
  • different variables for easy simulation

Want your own copy of this template?

Copy the stock dividend reinvestment calculator

dividend reinvestment calculator

Dividend Portfolio Tracker

This is my dividend portfolio tracker which allows you to:

  • Log every transaction: buy / sell / dividend / cash deposits
  • Analyze your dividend portfolio

Read the full instructions here.

Let me know if you find any errors in one of the templates.

Enjoy it! Ah, and remember 👇

Sharing is Caring 😎

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