Let me introduce you to the DividendTalk podcast series that I started together with my buddy Engineer My Freedom (Ireland).

It is a weekly podcast where we discuss dividend growth investing in a pub-style manner, nice light and easy. In case this triggers your curiosity, the structure of the show is typically something like this:

  • a brief reflection on the news from last week
  • discuss a certain Dividend Growth Investing related topic
  • answer questions from the community
  • sharing our stock pick of the week

All this with a European flavor!

To be honest, this is actually the podcast that we were searching for ourselves.

Most of the podcasts that we know are US-based and they hardly address specific topics in the minds of European investors (i.e. allocation EU vs US, Tax, European stocks).

Having said that, we aim to record our show every Friday night and publish it on Saturday before noon. In case you would like to submit one of your questions then just reach out to me via Twitter or join the DividendTalk Facebook face and publish your question there.

Having said that, you can follow us via one of the popular podcast channels if you want to be notified about any upcoming shows 👇

Did I make you curious?

Have a look at our pilot episode and take it from there to listen to the next in sequence 👌

And as always, I’m curious for your feedback 🙏

EP #99 | What is happening to the consumer staples right now? Dividend Talk

In this week's episode, we are having a look at the blood bath that happened in the consumer staple sector, especially when we're looking at supermarket chains like Walmart and Target. C U on the inside! 
  1. EP #99 | What is happening to the consumer staples right now?
  2. EP #98 | The Battle: Starbucks ($SBUX) vs McDonald's ($MCD)
  3. EPS #97 | Our thoughts on the Current Market conditions
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